Find these treasures on the Bruce Trail
in the Blue Mountains Section (from Lavender to Craigleith).

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19   Keyhole at Nottawasaga Bluffs Like the keyhole at Limehouse, the keyhole here at Nottawasaga Bluffs offers and exciting scramble through tumbled Escarpment rocks. The keyhole may seem hard to find but you go right through it on the Keyhole Side Trail, so you'll know when you're there! Google

    22 44.335366
20   Bridge over Mad River Deep in the valley at Devil's Glen, this bridge offers a dry way to cross over and view the lovely Mad River, one of many Escarpment streams that make their way into the Great Lakes. Google

    22 44.355948
21   Singhampton Caves The Standing Rock and Caves Side Trail takes visitors through a labyrinth of crevices cutting deep into the Escarpment. Please stay on the side trail to enjoy this area safely!  Google

    23 44.407124