Bruce Trail Digital Photo Contest

The Bruce Trail Digital Photo Contest - upload photos to your members-only profile and enter them to win! 

The winner of the contest will have their photo showcased on the cover of The Bruce Trail Magazine, summer edition. In addition, the winner will receive one night's accomodation at the Morningstar Cottage Bed and Breakfast and a Bruce Trail gift pack. You can enter the contest through your membership profile.

Click here for details on how to enter and set up your membership profile.


French1  ♦  02:35:PM on 02/24/2009

Ah but if you read the rules the photo will be featured on the summer cover, which probably goes to the printer late spring. I say go out and get those winter shots, they may be looking for them this summer for their winter cover!

portcreditguy  ♦  05:02:PM on 02/23/2009

I was all excited about going out and taking a few shots to submit for the contest. But, you only want summer shots, and Mar 13 is not summer. What gives???