Trail Change Updates for Your Bruce Trail Reference Guide

Keep your Bruce Trail Reference Guide current with updates from the Bruce Trail Magazine.

Did you know that trail change maps in the Bruce Trail Magazine are made to the same scale as the Bruce Trail Reference Guide (1:50,000)? You can cut the maps out of the magazine and paste them directly into your Guidebook. You'll find that each new map will fit perfectly over the existing section of map in your Guide.

Look for trail change maps for the 25th Edition of the Bruce Trail Reference Guide starting with the Winter 2008/2009 edition of the Bruce Trail Magazine.

The Bruce Trail Magazine is an exclusive benefit of Bruce Trail Membership. Bruce Trail Reference Guides can be purchased in the BTC Store.


fberktin  ♦  05:19:PM on 02/28/2009

It woulsd also be great if the pages that list the changes don't have other changes on the back page. Having these changes back to back prevents one cutting and pasting all the changes in the guide.

cbarber  ♦  05:58:PM on 02/12/2009

Thanks for your comments, Bob. We'll make sure that future trail changes are posted with a date that reflects the date the trail change is posted.


Christian Barber
Membership Coordinator
Bruce Trail Conservancy

bob.humphreys  ♦  06:50:AM on 02/10/2009

It would be much appreciated if the trail changes posted on this website had a more accurate date listed. The most recent ones, dated November 2008, were not there at the end of December, when I last updated my Reference Guide.