202 acres preserved. A great start to 2018!

Your generosity made all the difference!

To the hundreds of donors that gave to the Bruce Trail Conservancy to preserve the Kemble Wetland and Maple Ridge Nature Reserves - thank you! 

Your collective donations over the past few months mean that these 202 acres will be forever protected and available to explore as part of the Bruce Trail's Conservation Corridor.

We were elated by the overwhelming response to this latest request for support. New donors made extraordinary gifts. Returning donors demonstrated their ongoing commitment.

Bruce Trail Conservancy staff and volunteers are buoyed by your support. It fortifies our work to preserve this wonderful ribbon of wilderness along the Niagara Escarpment.

Learn more about:

Kemble Wetland Nature Reserve
Sydenham section (Kemble)
142 acres
>2 km of Bruce Trail Optimum Route
Removes 3 km of Trail from road    

Kemble Wetland

Maple Ridge Nature Reserve
Toronto section (Limehouse)
60 acres
490 m of Bruce Trail Optimum Route

Maple Ridge