Clarification of Landowner Rights along the Bruce Trail

Fact Sheet: Landowners Rights & Expropriation  (PDF version)

  • The Bruce Trail Conservancy depends on the generosity and cooperation of over 900 landowners to make the Bruce Trail a reality.  More than 1,500 volunteers work tirelessly to ensure Canada's longest and oldest marked footpath is well maintained, and available without charge to the public.

  • If a landowner at any time requests the Bruce Trail to be removed from their land, we do so.

  • In September 2016, at the request of the landowners at 31 Fallsview Road, Dundas ON, the Bruce Trail's Webster's Falls Side Trail was removed from their land.

  • We are aware of the recent Hamilton Conservancy Authority application to expropriate land at 31 Fallsview Road to re-establish a connection between Tew's Falls and Webster's Falls. content/uploads/sites/5/2017/10/HCA_LandExpropriate2017-Final.pdf

  • The Bruce Trail Conservancy did not initiate this request for expropriation.  The Bruce Trail Conservancy does not (nor can it, under law) expropriate land, and we do not encourage other agencies to expropriate land for trail purposes.

  • In relation to this issue, some concerns have been raised regarding landowner insurance protection. Private landowners who generously allow the Bruce Trail to cross their land are protected by many provisions under the Occupiers Liability Act, the Trespass to Property Act and via Bruce Trail Conservancy insurance (see the BTC Indemnification Insurance Overview 2017)

  • We encourage all users to continue to enjoy and explore the Niagara Escarpment in a safe and responsible way. Bruce Trail maps are available at and the Bruce Trail App at Google Play and iTunes. We ask hikers to please stay on the marked trail at all times.

If you are a Bruce Trail landowner with questions about your rights or liability, please contact:

Antoin Diamond
Director of Land Acquisition & Management
(800) 665-4453 ext. 235

If you have questions regarding the Bruce Trail's activities at Fallsview Road, please contact:

Beth Gilhespy
Chief Executive Officer
(800) 665-4453 ext. 223