Help Save the Lindenwood Property

Please Act Now - Help Save the Lindenwood Property  


Located just west of the tiny hamlet of Lindenwood, north of Owen Sound, this 176 acre property provides over 1,000 m of Bruce Trail Optimum Route, winding its way through one of the loveliest parts of the Sydenham section.  The property features a sweeping valley that rises up to meet a low Escarpment ridge, topped by a dense and lush hardwood forest. The southeast corner of Lindenwood is part of "The Glen", a provincially significant wetland and a lively habitat for wildlife including "at risk" species.

Your support means:
Preserving 176 acres (71 hectares) of World Biosphere Reserve Landscape
Providing public access via 1,000 m of secured Bruce Trail

Lindenwood currently provides habitat for: wild turkeys, coyotes, bears, deer, a significant wetland

We need your help to secure this amazing 176 acre property.  For more information - click here.