Report from BTC Annual General Meeting 2016

The Bruce Trail Conservancy's 2016 Annual General Meeting was hosted by the Dufferin Hi-Land Club and held in beautiful Mono Centre, September 16-18.

More than 100 members attended the Business Meeting on Saturday morning to hear about the successes and initiatives of the past fiscal year, approve by-law changes and ask questions of the Board of Directors and Staff.

Highlights from the past fiscal year were shared, and are captured in the following:

BTC AGM 2016 CEO Presentation (.pdf, 6.4 MB)

BTC Annual Report 2016 (.pdf, 5.6 MB)

Committee Reports (.pdf, 2 MB)

Club Reports (.pdf, 2.5 MB).

During the Questions from the Floor session, two items were raised: 

a. End-to-End badges

A BTC member requested clarification around Club End-to-End badges, noting that some Clubs have different timing requirements for completing their End-to-Ends. At the meeting it was clarified that eligibility for the BTC End-to-End badge is not limited to receiving each Club End-to-End badge - there is no timeline for completing a full End-to-End of the Bruce Trail.  Representatives from each Club in were in attendance and will be considering their own policies for their individual End-to-End recognition.  

b. BTC's Investment Portfolio

A BTC member inquired if the Bruce Trail Conservancy's investment portfolio includes fossil fuels. Staff provided the list of organizations in the investment portfolio, which includes fossil fuels. A motion was passed that the Board would complete a review of the investment portfolio.  The Board confirmed that this was already on the agenda for the next Board meeting as there is a priority to revise the Investment Policy this year.  

Bruce Trail Conservancy Board of Directors

At the BTC AGM 2016 on September 17, the BTC membership approved the recommended slate for the 2016-2017 Board of Directors. These ten Directors at Large will join the nine Directors from the Clubs to stand as the BTC's Board of Directors:

Directors At Large:

Warren Bell (Board Chair)
John Grandy (Board Vice Chair & Trail Development & Maintenance Committee Chair)
Lynn Allen
Stephanie Bird (Finance & Audit Committee Chair)
Rob Graham (Governance Committee Chair)
David Hass
Brian Johnston
Janice McClelland (Fundraising Committee Chair)
Leah Myer
Anjlee Patel

Directors from Clubs:

Corrie Kellestine (Niagara)
Paul Toffoletti (Iroquoia)
Marlis Butcher (Toronto)
David Lamb (Caledon Hills & Risk Committee Chair)
Sue Simons (Dufferin
Marietta Service (Blue Mountains)
Bruce King (Beaver
Frank Schoenhoeffer (Sydenham)
Walter Brewer (Peninsula)