Bruce Trail highlighted in The Spectator

On April 15, the front page of the Hamilton Spectator shone with a fabulous photo from the Bruce Trail and the above-the-fold headline: "The Bruce Trail at 50".

Inside was a colourful five page special feature on the Trail and the Bruce Trail Conservancy. It highlights the past, present, and future of the Bruce Trail as we begin to celebrate a series of 50th anniversary milestones: from the planning and Trail building in 1962 to the official opening of the Trail in 1967.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy worked with Spectator staff to prepare this piece that includes:

  • Interviews with Bruce Trail volunteers, staff, end-to-enders, and landowners.

  • A historic narrative of the early days of the Trail.

  • A map of the entire Trail, and another of the Trail as it winds through Hamilton.

  • 5 suggested day-hikes with maps and descriptions

  • Ways to support the BTC.

Check it out online here :

Many thanks to the Hamilton Spectator and writer Jon Wells for highlighting our work and our history to thousands of readers.