Boots Across Canada program has reached its goal!

The 2009 Boots Across Canada program has officially reached its goal 11 days early.  The metre registered 15,000 submissions on October 20th, and KEEN Canada's pledge of $75,000 has been realized.  So many individuals made a point of snapping shots of their boots, uploading the images to the KEEN website and watching the donations tally up.  Through the Boots Across Canada program, KEEN Canada will donate approximately $58,000 to The Bruce Trail Conservancy and $17,000 to the Trans Canada Trail.   To the thousands of Bruce Trail members that participated in this fun and rewarding program thank you, the Bruce Trail Conservancy continues to benefit from your dedication.

KEEN Canada has been an incredibly generous partner to the BTC. In 2008, KEEN Canada partnered with the Bruce Trail Conservancy to create a program that helped to educate people about the Bruce Trail.  Boots on the Bruce was an interactive program that allowed people go out and be creative and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. For every boot that hiked the trails, and was photographed and uploaded to the KEEN site, KEEN donated $5 to the Bruce Trail Conservancy. The goal of 10,000 Boots on the Bruce was surpassed and KEEN donated $50,000 to the Bruce Trail Conservancy. These dollars went towards purchasing land along the Bruce Trail Corridor as well as stewardship and volunteer programs.  This year's Boots Across Canada program took the program national and KEEN Canada pledged $5 for every pair of boots that hiked, cycled, kayaked or volunteered on our Canadian Trails this summer. The donation will be put towards volunteer programs as well as securing and preserving our natural environment.