Lindenwood Secured!

Thank you to all that answered the call!

On April 1st we reported that we needed an additional $15,000 to secure the Lindenwood property.

Now all funds have been raised and Lindenwood is secure!

Thank you to all the donors that contributed to our Lindenwood acquisition.

On Saturday April 25th, the Sydenham Bruce Trail Club hosted a "Kick the Tires Event". It was an opportunity for everyone to see firsthand why this property needed to be preserved and secured as a key part of the Bruce Trail's Conservation Corridor along the Niagara Escarpment. More than 200 people enjoyed a terrific day at Lindenwood - the rain was merely a minor distraction.

The Lindenwood Property is 176 acres and includes over a kilometre of Bruce Trail Optimum Route. It boasts a long sweeping valley, fern-rich rocky ridge, open meadows, a lively wetland and a dense and lush hardwood forest which is home to abundant wildlife. It is a key link in guaranteeing a 17 km continuous corridor of secured land.

Thank you to all the donors for your generous and greatly needed contributions.  Thank you to all the volunteers and the Sydenham Bruce Trail Club for making this campaign a great success and the Lindenwood property a beautiful, secure part of the Bruce Trail Conservation Corridor.