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Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

The Bruce Trail Conservancy has crafted a land acknowledgement statement as an important early step towards reconciliation and developing stronger relationships with Indigenous peoples of the Niagara Escarpment.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy wishes to acknowledge and honour the lands of the Niagara Escarpment as the traditional territory of Indigenous peoples. In both spirit and partnership, we recognize and thank the Anishinaabek, Huron-Wendat, Tionontati, Attawandaron, Haudenosaunee, Métis, and all who provided stewardship of these lands over millennia.

Recognition of the contributions of Indigenous peoples is consistent with our commitment to making the promise of Truth and Reconciliation real in our communities. We are grateful for the opportunity to live, work, and play here and thank all those who have served and continue to serve as caretakers of this special place.

We are also mindful of broken covenants and the need to reconcile with all our allies and relations. Together, may we care for this land and each other, drawing upon the strength of our mutual history through peace and friendship, to create a lasting legacy of conservation for generations to come.

Thank you to our partners, Plenty Canada, for helping to craft the Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) Indigenous Land Acknowledgement Statement. Their partnership provided insight and knowledge to help guide the BTC in creating a meaningful statement to acknowledge the land upon which the Bruce Trail is located.

This statement will be used at the start of BTC and Bruce Trail Club events and gatherings as an opportunity for reflection and recognition.

The BTC understands that land acknowledgement alone is not enough. It is an important starting point. With this statement comes a responsibility to demonstrate the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives through action.

The BTC, its staff and volunteers are on a journey of continuous learning. We are beginning with staff education and training, such as participation in the KAIROS Blanket Exercise. We strive to approach this journey with humility and openness.

The BTC remains committed to seeking, honoring and incorporating Indigenous voices and Indigenous land-based knowledge and experience in our work. We are committed to partnering with Indigenous nations, communities and peoples to advance reconciliation though our work.

To this end, the BTC will be developing action plans in support of these commitments. Directions will continue to evolve as the BTC learns more from Indigenous partners. We look forward to sharing our progress in future issues of Bruce Trail Conservancy Magazine, our Annual Report, and on our website.