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Special Notice - Most of the Bruce Trail is open. Plan ahead, check for closures, and hike responsibly. See COVID-19 Updates

Bruce Trail Expedition for Kids

Bruce Trail Expedition for Kids sm

Local adventurers set out on September 24 on an end-to-end hike of the Bruce Trail to raise awareness and funds for inner-city kids in Hamilton and for the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

Hamilton adventurers and philanthropists, Fred Losani, Peter Turkstra, and Mark McLennan, along with Finnish outdoor adventurer Teemo Lakkasuo began their Bruce Trail Expedition for Kids on September 24, 2012 in Queenston. They plan to complete their 885 km hike in thirty days, ending in Tobermory.

The team is on a quest to raise funds and awareness for inner-city food and nutrition programs in Hamilton, as well as for the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

Engaging Students:

In addition to raising money, the team is creating interactive opportunities for kids on and off the trail. Along the trek, the hikers will have the opportunity to walk with students, interact via live webcam and satellite phone transmissions, and educate students about the importance of proper nutrition, healthy living, and maintaining and exploring the Bruce Trail.  

Hamilton school boards are participating in the design of specific curricula that are based on following the Bruce Trail Expedition for Kids. Students from the Niagara District School Board and the Halton District School Board are already following the hike team on the website, and other schools outside Hamilton are also invited to get involved and follow along.

The team will cover all their own expenses and all funds raised will go to the inner-city causes as well as a donation to the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

To follow the hike, find more information about the team, or to donate, go to

Follow the coverage of the hike by the Hamilton Spectator:

Expedition for Kids Team at Southern Cairn_sm

(click image to view)

Bruce Trail Expedition for Kids Team with BTC Executive Director Beth Kümmling, at the cairn in Queenston marking the Southern terminus of the Bruce Trail, Day 1 - September 24 2012.

(L to R: Mark MacLennan, Beth Kümmling, Peter Turkstra, Teemo Lakkasuo, Fred Losani)


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