Hike It! Love It! Keep It Clean! Litter Project

The Hike It! Love It! Keep It Clean! Litter Project has wrapped up for the 2022 season. Thank you to everyone who participated and submitted their findings to the Bruce Trail Conservancy.
The Bruce Trail Conservancy has collected the data submitted by participants and created a report of the findings.

In response to an increase in litter along the Bruce Trail and building on a successful pilot project completed in 2021 in the Peninsula club section, the Bruce Trail Conservancy launched the Hike it, Love it, Keep it Clean project in the summer of 2022, with the goal of cleaning up the Bruce Trail and learning more about the litter that is ending up on the trail.
dog poop bag
Project Goals:

1. Improve the cleanliness of the trail by picking up litter.

2. Learn more about the types of litter found on the trail and hotspots for litter to inform future litter campaigns.

3. Increase awareness of the impacts of litter on natural areas and the importance of trail etiquette, including ‘leave no trace’ principles.

Volunteer picking up trash - Oleksandra Polishchuk
Who Could Participate:

Anyone out hiking along the Bruce Trail or side trails who wishes to participate was welcomed.

Safety Guidelines While Participating:
  • Always follow local COVID-19 guidelines
  • Wear appropriate hiking attire – closed-toe shoes, dress for the weather – and bring along water, snacks, sun protection, a map, and other items to keep you safe and comfortable while hiking
  • Avoid hiking in extreme heat or weather conditions
  • Remain on the trail and be aware of surroundings
  • Wear gloves, or use tongs or a litter grabber, to handle litter, and wash hands after completing a litter pick up
  • Hike with another person when possible
  • Sharps/Syringes: Please do not pick up sharps, syringes, or other items of that nature – if you come across something, local contact numbers have been shared on the form for clean-up of these kinds of items
Equipment used for litter pick-up:
  • Gloves
  • Litter grabber/picker or tongs
  • Bucket for litter collection, and garbage/recycling bags for disposal
  • Mobile phone for data recording into the digital collection form, or a printout of the form and a pen to record on paper and transfer later to the digital form
  • Hand sanitizer to clean hands after a litter pick up
Mono-cliffs Provincial Park, Garbage
After the Clean-up:
  • Data and photos were submitted online.
  • The litter collected was disposed of and recycled where possible.

The data submitted by the participants was analyzed and summarized in the following report. Read the report to learn more about the types of litter found along the Bruce Trail.

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