Featured Hike: Metcalfe Rock - Beaver Valley Club

Posted on May 21, 2010

Feature: Metcalfe Rock

Directions and Parking: Take Grey Road 2 north from Feversham or south from Ravenna. At 9th Sideroad turn to the west and turn south onto 10th Line. There is roadside parking where the Trail crosses 10th Line

Hike Directions: Follow the Bruce Trail east across a stream and up through a huge fissure to the summit of Metcalfe Rock where there is a splendid view of the Kolapore Creek Valley. If you choose to continue along the edge of the Escarpment, you will reach the Chuck Grant Side Trail which you can follow down to 10th Line. Here you can follow 10th Line south for 500m to the start or you can continue west through the valley and rejoin the Bruce Trail in the Duncan Crevice Caves Provincial Nature Reserve. Turn left and follow the Bruce Trail back, crossing Kolopore Creek, to the parking on 10th Line.
(Bruce Trail Reference Map #25)

Length: To the top of Metcalfe Rock is 800 metres. If you do the whole loop, expect to spend three hours for the 8 km loop.


metcalfe rock

(image Justin Mikelenas)