Featured Hike: Balls Falls - Niagara Club

Posted on June 21, 2010

Feature: Ball's Falls

Directions and Parking:  Ball's Falls Conservation Area: QEW Niagara, Exit 57,South on Victoria Ave. through Vineland to Niagara Road 75 and the Ball's Falls Conservation Area entrance. Parking available at Ball's Falls Conservation Area. (See trailhead location on Google Maps here)

Hike Directions: Entering Balls Falls Conservation Area through the arboretum, you descend a flight a stairs. Here you will find Ball's Falls, a spectacular waterfall - two-thirds the height of Niagara Falls. If you turn around and cross the road, you can follow Twenty Mile Creek for 1km south into a lovely wooded valley.
(Bruce Trail Reference Map #4)

Length: Less than 500 metres to the north or 1 km to the south. Allow two hours for the whole visit in both directions.

Balls Falls