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The Bruce Trail Reference Guide - Edition 38

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The Bruce Trail Reference Guide is the definitive resource when exploring the Trail. 

The Guide is updated every two years. Summer 2014 marks the release of our 28th Edition.

The Guide contains 42 full-colour contour maps from Niagara (Map 1) to Tobermory (Map 42).

Maps show the main Trail, side Trails, street crossings, parking, camping, topography, and parkland such as Conservation Areas, Provincial Reserves/Parks and Bruce Peninsula National Park.

Maps are contained in a 6-ring binder to make is easy to take out only the map(s) you need for a particular hike.  

Descriptions of the Trail are printed on the reverse side of each map. 


Where can I find The Bruce Trail Reference Guide?

1) through our online store

2) by calling or stopping into our Head Office
(1-800-665-4453; Rasberry House, Royal Botanical Gardens, Arboretum, Hamilton ON)

3) through our retail partners (local bookstores and outdoor stores). For example, check out your local Chapters/Indigo/Coles or Mountain Equipment Co-op store.

4) At several public libraries for reference.


Downloadable Maps

Download individual maps from the Bruce Trail Reference Guide (28th edition) directly from the Store at for only $3.00!

Get a PDF file of just the map and trail descriptions you need right in your email inbox.

(Downloadable Maps are current as of July 2014. Trail Reroutes since that time are not incorporated.)


A road map is recommended

The Bruce Trail Reference Guide will give you details of the trail route and parking, but to get to the trailhead, you'll need a good road map (e.g.MapArt's Ontario Back Road Atlas which has the Bruce Trail roughly outlined on it).


Remember - route changes are common

Always make sure you have the most recent map.

The actual route of the Bruce Trail changes often. New agreements with landowners and or newly purchased land mean that the main Trail or side Trails are rerouted.

Maps of trail reroutes are available online here and are printed in the Bruce Trail Magazine for members. The maps printed in the magazine are printed at the same scale as the Bruce Trail Reference Guide for easy cutting & pasting.