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Wild Columbine  Indian Paintbrush  Calopogon Orchid  
                         Wild Columbine                        Indian Paintbrush                Calopogon Orchid   -    Credit S. Langley


The Bruce Trail Conservancy is looking for citizen scientists to help us better understand the diversity and distribution of flora along the Bruce Trail.

Whether you are a trained botanist or just interested in learning more about flora, the Bruce Trail Conservancy can use your help.


 Why Citizen Science?

Citizen science is a powerful way to collect much needed data while participating in an activity you already love, hiking! 

The Bruce Trail Conservancy would like to catalogue the flora along the Trail, looking for patterns, species movement, invasive species, rare species and native species. For more information, go to the position description.

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How to Start Collecting Data

1. Register as a volunteer by completing the online form or by contact Meghan Fielding at

2. Download the app from and register

3. Get added to the Bruce Trail Conservancy project

4. Start hiking and taking pictures of flora along the way

5. Upload your data to

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Notes on being a respectful citizen scientist

Minimizing disturbance to the flora we are observing is the main concern for every citizen scientist and field botanist. This includes:

  • staying on the trail
  • taking only photographs
  • watching where you place your feet


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Plants of Southern Ontario - available at the BTC online Store




Other Plants

Identification hikes at the Bruce Trail Conservancy Annual Meeting

2 Identification hikes will be offered per year to the volunteers in this program

Monthly email to all participants

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