The Bruce Trail Conservancy takes the security and integrity of your personal data extremely seriously.  The following outlines the security procedures in place to protect your data.

  • Our servers are located at 151 Front Street in downtown Toronto, one of the most connected buildings in North America.  Specifically designed to support telecoms, 151 Front Street has advanced power, cooling and security systems to ensure 24/7 operations, including 24/7 uniformed security guards and a man-trap at the entrance to building, fire suppressions systems and backup power systems.
  • Our servers are managed 24/7 by expert technical staff.  Only individuals with security clearance to our servers are able to gain physical or remote access to them.
  • This website is designed according to CERT secure coding practices and utilizes a full range of defensive measures.
  • This website utilizes advanced, thoroughly tested authentication mechanisms to protect private data.
  • Sensitive data including login information and credit card information are encrypted during transmission.
  • Login information is stored in encrypted form.
  • Credit card information is not stored in our online databases.  We transmit this information to process payments only, and do not keep it.  This ensures that in the highly unlikely event of a security breach, your credit card information is not at risk.