This series explores some of the amazing flora and fauna that the BTC is working to protect by acquiring and stewarding land along the Niagara Escarpment.

Look for signs of these species on your next hike.

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This month's Niagara Escarpment species:

Sasquatch (Homo cantfindicus)- April Fools


Photo: :  Cryptidwiki:Sanya226

Did You Know? 

Many sightings of Sasquatch are attributed to Black Bears.

1/3 of all sightings are reported from the Pacific-Northwest.

Many Native American tribes have names for the creature so the myth has been around for quite some time.

Habitat - Large, expansive forests with little human imprint.

Size - Up to 3 m in height and weighing several hundred kilos.

Range - Mostly in the Pacific Northwest but sightings expanding across North America including the great lakes region.

Status - Unknown



Most reports describe a large, hairy bipedal ape-like creature with large eyes, a pronounced brow and expansive forehead. Has very large feet and an unpleasant smell. Vocalizations are referred to as loud "whoops" or shrieks. They are often known to knock on tree trunks with branches.

Interesting Facts

Its alternate name "Bigfoot" may have actually been inspired by 2 large Grizzly bears which were often reported in the press in the late 1800s for their marauding ways. Its possible the name was transferred over to the ape creature as strange sightings intensified at the same time.

These creatures are not specific to North America as other countries have similar beings including Yeti in the Himalayas, Yowie in Australia, Almas in Mongolia, Yeren in China and Chuchunya in Siberia.

Sasquatch on the Niagara Escarpment

The larger areas of forested habitat along the Escarpment could provide shelter for this elusive creature. In fact several sightings have been reported including:

  • one in 1977 on Park Road ascending the Escarpment in Grimsby,
  • three in the Beaver Valley from 1964-1987 and
  • one just 2.5 km away from the Vanderleck Side Trail near Acton. This specific beast has actually been nicknamed the "Acton Sasquatch".

BTC staff have never seen nor heard any signs of the creature during their many hours of fieldwork in the deep forests of BTC managed land but have come across an interestingly shaped rock (pictured).

Petrified Sasquatch footprint? You decide.

Bigfoot rock 

Photo:A.Brylowski (2012)