50 km Challenge

June 25, 2017 from 06:15 AM until 08:00 PM
Peninsula Section of the Bruce Trail

BTC 50 km Challenge 2017 crest

This long-distance, one-day hike challenges participants to hike 50 km along the Bruce Trail in a single day while also raising funds for the BTC and the protection of the Niagara Escarpment.

This year's event takes on special significance as in 2017 we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Bruce Trail.

Join us in this unique hike and celebration. Experience the iconic beauty of the Niagara Escarpment in the Peninsula section and help the BTC continue the crucial work of securing a conservation corridor along the Niagara Escarpment, containing the tremendous Bruce Trail.

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The Hike: Sunday, June 25, 2017

Distance: 50 km

Route: Through the Peninsula Club section of the Bruce Trail.

Start point: Rush Cove
(Map 37, BT Reference Guide, Ed. 28)

End point: Vanishing Stream Nature Reserve, Kribs Rd, Colpoy's Bay
(Map 35, BT Reference Guide, Ed. 28)
[Hikers meet here at 6:15 am to be shuttled to the start point]

The exact route is being finalized. A route map will be provided to all registrants to help with planning.

Hikers will be greeted every 10 km (or so) at official checkpoints with food, water, and encouragement from our teams of volunteers. All participants will be celebrated at our finish line location with an outdoor dinner, prizes, and lots of opportunities to relax and catch up with other participants and supporters.


The Cause:

Hikers are asked to raise a minimum of $500 (per individual) or $750 (per team of two) to participate.

The funds raised will go towards BTC's 50th Anniversary Milestone Goal to secure, steward and make available to the public 5,000 acres of Niagara Escarpment landscape containing the Bruce Trail.

Funds must be raised by June 25 and can come directly from participants and/or from pledges from friends and family.

All donations of $10 or more will be recognized with a charitable tax receipt from the BTC.

Once registered, participants will be given their own 50 km Challenge fundraising webpage which they can share with family and friends to encourage donations.


Hiking Options:

Join as an Individual and challenge yourself with a full 50 km hike

Join as a Relay Team of 2 hikers and hike the route in 10 km legs.

  • Relay Teams are asked to raise a minimum of $750, as a team, to participate.
  • Relay hikers must make any switches at designated checkpoints (roughly 10 km apart).
  • Relay Teams are responsible for their own transportation to and from checkpoints (save for the first hiker who will be shuttled to the beginning).
  • Relay teams are to be made of a maximum 2 hikers.

Participation is open to anyone 18 years of age or older, Bruce Trail members and non-members alike.

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